A New Start

So, do you want to run well and finish strong as a mother? Do you want to run well and finish strong in your relationship with the Lord? This Bible study, Run Well Finish Strong will help you do just that! Jean Stockdale has written an amazing study on 2 Timothy that will have you laughing, crying and praising the Lord!  The first time I did this study my first born was only 7 months old, and I am looking forward to starting this study again.  That 7 month old is now 3 1/2 and she has a sister that is almost 2! Times have changed and in a time like this I need the Lord to lean on! Please join us as we start this journey!
What you need to know:

*You can purchase your workbook for the study HERE
*You can listen to new videos each week where Jean will dig deeper in the study HERE
*You can listen to pod casts of the same lessons found HERE
*You can download notes to go along with the lessons HERE
(all of these resources can easily be found on the sidebar as well)
*Work at your own pace and time...this online study is for everyone!
*Each week (Wednesday Nights) there will be a post dedicated to that week's homework
*Your comments are always appreciated....that is how we learn and grow...from sharing with one another!

We are all looking forward to this new study and hope that you will join in with us as we prepare to run well! The first video can now be viewed HERE. Please join us back here February 3rd for our first discussion of week 1!

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  1. I am joining! A little late, but this is a blessing. YOU are a blessing to me!